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Norton Antivirus and FreeSSHd 13-10-2008 12:18
I am having some trouble with NAV 2009 and freeSSHd. Seems like the server drops the connection after a few minutes. This has been since NAV was upgraded to 2009. Does anybody have any experience with this?
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Re: Norton Antivirus and FreeSSHd 13-10-2008 21:16

We didn't test freeSSHd with NAV2009 (not so familiar with it either). Is there some firewall rule added after update?

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Re: Norton Antivirus and FreeSSHd 13-10-2008 22:31
Yes, NAV 2009 has "intrusion protection" which I presume is some firewall. I disabled this and PuTTY connects without problems now. I quess there is a way to create rules to allow connections. I will explore this and post later if I can.
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