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Need a good "telnet" to use with FreeSSHd 25-09-2008 10:59
Can anyone recommend a good Telnet program to use with FreeSSHd? I thought I could get by with Microsoft's telnet.exe, but apparently that is not the case: It does not display "graphic" characters correctly, which is a minor issue, but unfortunately it does not transfer certain key combinations - e.g. in FAR Manager, CTRL+O should switch between panels view and console view, but if I try this through telnet.exe, it behaves as if I pressed a SPACE instead of CTRL+O.

What I need in the software:
- works under Windows
- console application (NOT graphical)
- correctly sends key combinations

What I would like but can live without:
- correctly displays "graphic" characters
- freeware

What I don't need at all:
- SSH support (I am connecting through an encrypted tunnel already, so I don't need a built-in support for encrypted transfers)
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Re: Need a good \ 25-09-2008 11:25
PUTTY is a very good program for this.
Exactly you should use plink.
To connect with plink type in the cmdline:

/your/path/to/plink/plink.exe -telnet your_address

If you want to know more options confirm plink without options.
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Re: Need a good \ 25-09-2008 12:10
Just tried PLINK, but I am afraid I will have to agree with this line in its documentation:

"Plink is probably not what you want if you want to run an interactive session in a console window."

If it supports ANSI, I couldn't find it, and it certainly didn't seem to transfer e.g. F10 (to close the FAR window).
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Re: Need a good \ 25-09-2008 12:13
Putty isn't console-mode, unfortunately, and while it displays graphic characters correctly, the rest of the display isn't exactly correct (FAR's last and second-to-last lines are mixed together) - and control codes are not sent correctly either, much like with Telnet.exe.
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