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Session hangs when new console engine DISABLED 13-08-2007 19:39
When "Use new console engine" option is disabled the freeSSHd don't allows to login (session disconnects or hangs - depends on client), turning that option on solves problem but... this "new engine" stuff is quite slow :(

Plus there's problem with user rights - when i`m logged in as unprivileged user (Power User) and change some server settings that need server to be restarted - if i restart it via dialog box (and not via services.msc with Administrator rights) i can't log in (Access denied message). But... think you SHOULDN'T focus on fixing that "bug" but on preventing non-Admin user of changing server's settings.

Please, could you put older version of freeSSHd (1.1) back to download? Hard to say but i think it was better and more stable release and the 1.2.0 version should be marked with "beta" or even "dev" status until it will really work.
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Re: Session hangs when new console engine DISABLED 13-08-2007 19:43
ps. problem with user rights also appears when using automatic updates - when i`m logging to Windows as Power User and freeSSHd is trying to install "new version" and then restarts i can't logon to SSH until i manually restart server from services.msc with Admin rights.

ps2. what reminds me about another bug: automatic updates says that there is new version all the time - if i restart freeSSHd 10 times per minute it's every time downloading something and tries to install it.
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