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How to connect to freeSSHd 01-08-2007 22:22
Hi. I'm trying to use freeSSHd on a Windows XP computer. I installed it and everything makes sense up until I try to login to the computer from another SSH client over my network.

From any machine I keep trying to login and I get access denied.

On my server, I was logged in as "bot". On the client computer, I try ssh bot@<address> and I get an SSH prompt (and all the expected stuff about accepting keys) and I type my windows user password for the "bot" account on the server.

This is apparently not the password it wants. What should I do to configure this?

Password access is OK. I just want something simple that works.
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Re: How to connect to freeSSHd 01-08-2007 22:53
Try restarting freeSSHd. Also, check your Users list again. Notice that "Apply" button doesn't save your settings.
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