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Transfer rate too low 23-10-2006 16:22
I have a 'problem' when downloading from a freeftpd ftp-server:

The connection speed is mostly ~160kB/s!!
But there is no user limitation.

If I opened 5 concurrent connections all have ~160kB/s.

Sometimes all connections raise to ~240kB/s.

Does anybody know whats happening here?

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Re: Transfer rate too low 03-02-2007 19:35
Hi, i have _EXACTLY_ the same problem here.
I have tried several different SFTP clients but all transfers between 160-240 Kb/s MAX.

Tested FileZilla with multiple simultanious transfers and then I got
160-240 Kb/s per simultanious session.

Seems to be some kind of speed limit per session or something in freeFTPd.

freeFTPd version 1.0.11
FileZilla version 2.2.30

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