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Shun Cheung

No START button in FTP tab 01-08-2006 15:34
I installed freeFTPd, created a user with NT authentication, and when I enter the FTP tab (under the status taB) , I see:

Listen address: ..
Server Status: stopped !

Apply & Save

but no button labeled "Start"... any idea what I did wrong ? Thanks.

Shun Yan
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Re: No START button in FTP tab 08-08-2006 17:25
You're using "Large fonts".
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Re: No START button in FTP tab 15-08-2006 15:16
You're using "Large fonts".


Yep, switching back to normal fonts did it... Thanks for your kind help. I played around with it and noticed there the program behaved differently when in normal and large fonts. In normal fonts, there is a drop down box for the password mode, while the drop down box is missing in large fonts... Nice tool.

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