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question.gif Windows Uninstall Gui 15-04-2006 01:04
Wow, I can't believe I haven't touch this program since 2004! I'm glad to see more updates. Technically I have been down since then. It looks like I only play with this stuff on my downtime like everyone else or in this case when I'm not working. Odd, but cool because I can actually really play with it. In any case. I finally downloaded your version 1.0.9 and I noticed that my old 2004 version's folder was still here which I thought had been taken out. I installed the new version over it to see if all the files would get replaced. The keys and config files didn't which is cool if you just want to keep all the settings you previously had like filezilla which I also like. Everytime I update all my settings are still there so no crazy reconfiguring of things need to be done. I did notice the folder I was pointing stayed on the user settings so that was cool. I did have three accounts, but only one icon show up, so I don't know what happened there.

Now here's what I would like to see, a full windows gui uninstall and if I do decide to intall over it, I would like all the settings to stay, but hopefully with all the updated files. Kind of a catch 22 I know, but the uninstall would come in extremely handy to start fresh after a few years since I can't remember what I was changing back then. I will just delete the whole folder for now and re-install. I can't wait to check out the new changes. Awsome work by the way!
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Re: Windows Uninstall Gui 16-04-2006 21:36
Uninstall is available, altough it only removes the executable file, icons and some registry stuff. You configuration file and key files stay. We'll try to integrate the option you suggested in the update we're planning to release in next few days.
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