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hi can someone help ..!!! 13-05-2005 22:53
how do i configure this software is there no step by step guide for this ? you all take so much troubble of making a software but no guide ..!! if everyone was as clever as the people who made this software we all be making our own version but please a guide for newbies is needed very badly. Someone teach me ill make a step by step tutorials for this software something thats easy to understand no offence but i spent quite a while trying to figure it out. Iam not a hacker or anything just a hobbiest and do a lot of work online so i thought this would be a nice software to connect to the internet with cause theres so much chaos going on the internet viruses trojans backdoors and what not and thought this would be a nice way to avoid all this thanks for all your help for making software free and correct me if iam wrong but with software properly working i can browse the net without worring about hackers and spywares and trojans and viruses and worms even if not 100% just making the web a little more safer would be nice
thanking you always
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Re: hi can someone help ..!!! 14-05-2005 00:00
Hi TranSit28,

First of all, we're sorry there isn't any kind of tutorial or a guide for setting up and running freeSSHd. We'll try to make one as soon as possible.

Second, this software can't be used to protect you from viruses, trojans, etc. It's used only to allow users to connect to your computer in a secure way.

Hope we helped and sorry for confusion :(
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Re: hi can someone help ..!!! 14-05-2005 11:27
hi thank you for the quick reply i would still like to use this software to comunicate with a few of my friends online with this software to send important data to them which i would like only them to see hoping to see a tutorial on it soon thank you again
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